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this is my solution between MTB 3.0 and Freeman 3.0

Freeman is a very good, and since February '99 free, Installer. Good enough to be a standart programm for Freelancer.

From the Helpfile of Freeman:
Freeman Installer v3.0 is an installer maker. It will help you create an installer that will install your Windows applications onto your users' system. It is useful for software developers, system administrators, Internet service providers (ISP) and etc who need to distribute applications to their end users.

You can got Freeman 3.0 on

If you use Multimedia Toolbook 3.0, than I have the solution for you. Its here, its a 9KB Zip File.

The spezial on this version are the 'SetINIentry' commands, right for MTB3.0.

And for the German User: I changed the file 'fideu.dll' so that the size of the buttons are big enough for the german text!

If you are new on Freeman, and you don't know how to use my file, here a short Instuction:

1) Copy the file 'install.inf' wherever you want. At first, its a good idea to use my path (if possible), it's 'E:\entwickl\redo\f3_disk\' for the install.inf file and 'E:\entwickl\redo\' for your files.

2) If you can't use 'E:\entwickl\redo\', you have to change the path of youre Source. The path are stored under 'Build Style'->'Edit' in your Freeman Installer. Change it to your prefered place.

3) I use 'D:\tools\fi30\' for the Source of Freeman 3.0. It shoudn't be a problem if you use another directory. You have only to change one entry, in 'Build Style'->'File Location'->'View'.
You have to change the entry 'd:\tools\fi30\movexe.exe' to 'x:\y...z\movexe.exe' where 'x' is the drive of your Freeman version and 'y...z' the path to it. (Take a look on the Menu, and you will understand what i want to explain).

4) My MTB30 are on 'c:\mtb30\'. If yours are on another place, you have to edit the entries in 'Build Style'->'File Location'->'View'.

If you like these piece of Software, feel free to use it. If it helps you to save time, add me on your 'thank you' list, and send me a postcard of your City :-)

Any remark? Installer for MTB4, or TB II? Better description? Better spelling :-) Send me a e-mail.

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